Nambour OSHC are committed to providing children with quality learning opportunities, delivered in a safe, secure and stimulating environment, while aspiring to deliver the highest standard of care. All our endeavours support the values and mission of Nambour State College benefiting the educational experience of all students. Nambour OSHC is owned and operated by the Nambour State College P&C Association.

Nambour OSHC believes that each child has the right to be an active member of the community in which they live, to express their opinions and to have their views considered in decisions that affect them.

We believe the best interests of the children and their right to play, learn and develop in a safe and nurturing environment, is the primary consideration in all decision making at the service and is visible in the actions, interactions and daily work with the children.

We believe that children are active learners from birth and through rich, engaging environments and meaningful interactions, we can build a foundation for successful lifelong learning.

We acknowledge that parents and families are the child’s primary educators, and that respectful, collaborative relationships strengthen the capacity and efforts of families and OSHC services to support and promote each child’s health and wellbeing.

We acknowledge the important role that schools’ play in children’s education, learning and development and seek to develop complementary and supportive relationships based on collaborative partnerships.

We acknowledge through all aspects of service delivery, the intrinsic worth and strengths of all children and their families, and their right to equitable access and participation in the community.

The service believes that children have the right to have their individual and cultural identity recognised and respected. We value Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures as a core part of the nation’s history, present and future. We seek to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in our day to day practice with children and families through our commitment to reconciliation and acknowledge our local Gubbi Gubbi Tribe.

We value ongoing learning and reflective practice as a way to inform and enrich the decisions made that continuously promote positive wellbeing, learning and developmental outcomes for children.